T2* Relaxometry for Iron Concentration

A tool to calculate the iron concentration in the heart and liver from the Echo Time (TE) and Signal Intensities (SI) of T2* MRI sequences.

Published in BJR September 2015

mcdcm Viewer

A pure HTML5/Javascript DICOM viewer with multi-touch support, basic measuring tools and automated measurement of data for T2* Relaxometry.

Supports direct drag-drop of multiple DICOM files, ZIP file; from web hosted files (through AJAX); and from Orthanc PACS (through AJAX).

[ T2* Tutorial for OsiriX ]

The entire viewer exists in 1 html file. Just 1. No configuration. No installation.
Just copy that 1 file into your computer - and that's it.
(ZIP file support requires another 4 extra files and 1 extra folder, btw :P)
Download the viewer here for off-line use.

Works well only on Chrome. Firefox and IE have performance issues.
Only 1 series at a time.
Reads only uncompressed DICOM (Explicit VR Little-Endian).
Does not fully support the DICOM standard (i.e. weird DICOM files not supported).
Large files (>100 slices) takes a long time to load and may crash your browser.
Works best with CT, MR and US. Limited CR. Literally no XA / MG support.

Too many limitations?
Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a DICOM programmer!
(and I have my MD certificate to prove it... :P)
My Orthanc Projects

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