T2* Relaxometry for Iron Concentration

A tool to calculate the iron concentration in the heart and liver from the Echo Time (TE) and Signal Intensities (SI) of T2* MRI sequences.

Published in BJR September 2015

mcdcm Viewer

A pure HTML5/Javascript DICOM viewer with multi-touch support, basic measuring tools and automated measurement of data for T2* Relaxometry.

Supports direct drag-drop of multiple DICOM files, ZIP file; from web hosted files (through AJAX); and from Orthanc PACS (through AJAX).

[ T2* Tutorial for OsiriX ]

The entire viewer exists in 1 html file. Just 1. No configuration. No installation.
Just copy that 1 file into your computer - and that's it.
(ZIP file support requires another 4 extra files and 1 extra folder, btw :P)
Download the viewer here for off-line use.

Works well only on Chrome. Firefox and IE have performance issues.
Only 1 series at a time.
Reads only uncompressed DICOM (Explicit VR Little-Endian).
Supports JPEG and JPEG2K.
Does not fully support the DICOM standard (i.e. weird DICOM files not supported).
Large files (>100 slices) takes a long time to load and may crash your browser.
Now 150 CT slices loads in 40secs. Up to 500 CT slices may not crash your browser.
Works best with CT, MR and US. Limited CR. Literally no XA / MG support.

Too many limitations?
Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a DICOM programmer!
(and I have my MD certificate to prove it... :P)
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