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T2* Samples:
MRI Heart & Liver T2* (Philips) 4Mb
MRI Liver T2* (Siemens) 2Mb
MRI Liver T2* (Philips) 3Mb
MRI Heart T2* (Philips) 1Mb
CT Samples:
CT Brain (Siemens) 4Mb
CT Chest [Ca Score Recon] (Toshiba) 6Mb
CT Knees (Siemens) 9Mb
Misc Samples:
MRI Neck [T2 Coronal] (Siemens) 5Mb
MRI Abd [T2 Coronal] (Siemens) 2Mb
CXR [CR] (Kodak) 5Mb
CXR [DX] (Kodak) 7Mb

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