CT Dose Database

Rationale: My physicist has the job of recording the radiation dose of all the patients that we scanned. Previously, this was done by hand (i.e. pulling up the Dose Protocol from PACS, writing down the patient details and Total DLP, and calculating the estimated Effective Dose for each TDLP). Needless to say, my physicist had better things to do with her time (like chasing down us radiologists to change our film badges every month... :P).

System outline:
Image Routing:
[CT Scanner] --[fullStudy]--> [Routing Server] --[doseProtocol]--> [Dose Server (Orthanc)]

In the Dose Server:
[LUA Script] --[onStoredInstance, sends InstanceUID]--> [storeDoseData.php]

In storeDoseData.php:
[readsPatientData1 & readsDoseData2, stores in database]
1: Patient demographics retrieved via REST calls from PHP script to Orthanc
2: Depending on manufacturer, either OCR (Siemens, Toshiba) or read from DICOM tag (Philips)


Hardware: CT: Siemens Sensation 64, Routing Server: Siemens Syngo.Via, Dose Server: HP Workstation (Xeon, 8Gb RAM, Windows 7 Pro)

Software: Bitnami WAPP Stack, Orthanc 0.8.6 + PostGreSQL plug-in

Current Status: Active. As of May 2016, 20,000 dose protocols over 3 years


Malaysian Congress of Radiology 2015